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Commercial photography is the creation of images for the purpose of promoting or selling a brand, product, service or organization.

In today's environment of ever changing image driven communication, a library of images for marketing and public relations isn't just a luxury.  

It is essential.  

Marketing doesn't just happen.  It is planned and strategic.  How do we know?  Prior to opening Katie Maynard Photography, Katie spent more than a decade managing public relations and marketing campaigns for consumer goods and higher education organizations.  She comes at the project with a marketing mind followed by a photographer's eye.  This combination results in usable images that meet YOUR strategies.  

You know you need images.  What now? 

Let's talk about the details.  Through a quick consultation we outline how the images will be used, the story you want to tell, and your timeline.  We follow up by giving you our recommendations.  You can expect the proposals to be affordable and flexible. Your success is our priority and we want to be an ongoing part of your communications team.